Dark Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Cake



我很高兴把我的黑巧克力树莓咖啡蛋糕back into the spotlight! Originally published a few years ago and one of my favorite recipes, this breakfast cake has been a Christmas morning tradition for over a decade.

Whoever is hosting, we have a large Christmas brunch after spending the morning opening gifts. We sip coffee and snack on this fabulous cake to tide us over. Gift opening takes longer these days with a toddler, so we’re especially hungry as we unwrap.

Though enjoyed throughout the year (who can resist this all the time), it tastes most special on December 25th. Have you had the chance to try it yet?




  • 软,黄油+滋润
  • Simple to make
  • 多汁的覆盆子云集
  • Filled with chocolate chips
  • Topped with sweet almond streusel
  • 完美的制造提前或冻结

Before I forget.(因为我得到这个问题很多!)术语“咖啡蛋糕”是指在美国这里早餐饼。可以有咖啡蛋糕,但它实际上只是我们说的蛋糕与咖啡享受的方式。有没有在这个配方没有咖啡。




  1. 混合的糖粉奶油细末成分混合在一起。像我的传统crumb cake,I make the streusel first so it’s ready to go. For the streusel you need flour, sugar, butter, and sliced or slivered almonds. Make sure the butter is cold and work it in with a fork or pastry cutter.
  2. Mix the cake’s dry ingredients together.你需要面粉,泡打粉和盐。
  3. Beat the wet ingredient’s together.你需要黄油,糖,鸡蛋1个,和香草精。这蛋糕就这么黄油,但只有1/4在基础配方杯。我们得到了很多来自糖粉奶油细末和牛奶是黄油善良的。
  4. Mix in the buttermilk.干配料添加到湿成分,然后慢慢在牛奶混合。如果你没有牛奶,你可以用全脂牛奶来代替。因为我们正在起吊发酵粉,而不是小苏打蛋糕,你不需要从酸性buttermilk-它真的多为唐。
  5. 折的临时演员。添加巧克力片,再对折的覆盆子。您可以使用新鲜或冷冻覆盆子。覆盆子将打破,让他们慢慢地小心地混合。
  6. Transfer to a greased baking pan and bake.

It’s incredible served warm, but you can let it cool to room temperature before serving if needed. It’s also excellent as a breakfast cake, snack cake, dessert cake, or midnight snack cake. (–> yes!) Don’t limit yourself to only enjoying this in the morning; I love it as a quick & easy dessert. This is definitely a low maintenance treat, especially if you skip the streusel and just add the sliced almonds right on top of the batter.

(I make it that way when I don’t feel like making the streusel!)


黑巧克力树莓咖啡蛋糕in baking pan

Which Size Baking Pan?






随着杏仁,黑巧克力,覆盆子,没有味道或质感不足!这让我想起我咂舌杏仁饼屑,but today’s recipe swaps cinnamon and brown sugar for chocolate.

Everyone NEEDS to try this. But let me warn you– you will keep slicing off slivers of this cake. Cutting into pieces to serve? Slice off a sliver for yourself. Walking by? Slice off a sliver for yourself. In bed? Go into the kitchen and slice off a sliver for yourself.

黑巧克力树莓咖啡蛋糕in baking pan

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Cake

  • Author:出击
  • 准备时间:20分钟
  • Cook Time:五0minutes
  • 总时间:1hour, 30 minutes
  • Yield:供应12
  • 类别:蛋糕
  • Method:
  • 美食:美国





  • 1/4cup50克granulated sugar
  • 1/4cup31克多用途面粉
  • 3Tablespoons45克黄油,cold
  • 1/2cup64克)sliced or sliveredalmonds


  • 2杯2五0g多用途面粉spoon & leveled
  • 2teaspoons发酵粉
  • 1/2teaspoon
  • 1/4cup(1/2棒;60克黄油,软化room temperature
  • 3/4cup1五0ggranulated sugar
  • 1
  • 1teaspoon纯香草精
  • 1cup(240ml)buttermilk要么全脂牛奶
  • 1cup180g)dark巧克力脆片*
  • 1和1/2杯新鲜或冷冻(不解冻)山莓


  1. 将烤箱预热至350°F(177℃)。喷了9英寸的烤盘*(见配方注)不沾喷雾。
  2. Make the streusel first:混合面粉和糖一起。使用糕点切刀或叉,工作黄油入干成分直至混合物似的粗屑。这需要几分钟的时间。折的杏仁。拨到使用步骤4。
  3. Make the cake:Whisk the flour, baking powder, and salt together in a medium bowl. Set aside. In a large bowl using a handheld or stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, beat the butter and sugar together on medium-high speed until combined and creamy, about 1-2 minutes. Scrape down the sides and up the bottom of the bowl as needed. Add the egg and vanilla extract and beat until combined. Add the dry ingredients and begin beating on low speed. With the mixer running, slowly pour in the buttermilk. Finally, add the chocolate chips. Beat on low until everything is combined. Avoid over-mixing. Using a large spoon or rubber spatula, gently fold in the raspberries. They’ll break a little bit, but try to be extra careful.
  4. 传播面糊倒入准备好的烤盘。顶配的糖粉奶油细末。如果您有任何额外,点与一些覆盆子和巧克力片蛋糕的顶部。
  5. Bake for about 45-46 minutes if using an 8-inch or 9-inch baking pan, though that time changes if you used a different size baking pan. That time is a guideline; the cake is done when a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. If the cake is browning too quickly on top, loosely tent with aluminum foil as it bakes.
  6. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for at least 10 minutes before slicing and serving. You can also let the cake cool completely before slicing and serving.
  7. 紧盖和商店剩菜在室温下3天或在冰箱中长达1周。


  1. 冻结说明:Freeze baked and cooled cake for up to 3 months. Thaw in the refrigerator or at room temperature before serving.
  2. 蛋糕盘尺寸:您可以在9平方英寸的烤盘,一个9英寸的馅饼盘烤这块蛋糕,一个11×7寸烤盘或椭圆形的面包长这是约9-10英寸。凡是持有面糊作品8-10杯。烘烤时间稍有变化,所以保持你的眼睛在蛋糕上约42分钟后,并有方便的牙签来检查烤熟。对于9×5英寸面包盘,烘烤至少60-65分钟。对于松饼,遵循相同的烘烤说明我的蓝莓糖粉奶油细末松饼。对于较大的9×13英寸的蛋糕,加倍的配方。烘烤时间会稍长一些,但用牙签测试烤熟。
  3. 巧克力脆片:您可以使用牛奶巧克力,白巧克力,半甜,或黑/苦的巧克力片。
  4. 酪:如果德,你可以用全脂牛奶代替脱脂乳sired. Acidic buttermilk isn’t needed in order for the cake to rise since we’re using baking powder. However if you’d like the tangy flavor, you can make your own sour milk substitute. Add 2 teaspoons of white vinegar or lemon juice to a liquid measuring cup. Then add enough whole milk to the same measuring cup until it reaches 1 cup. (In a pinch, lower fat or nondairy milks work for this soured milk, but the cake won’t taste as rich.) Stir it around and let sit for 5 minutes. The homemade “buttermilk” will be somewhat curdled and ready to use in the recipe.




  1. I was wondering can I add coconut to the cake xx thanks sally. Looks delicious can’t wait to make !

  2. 嗨莎莉,我迫不及待地想试试这几招 - 看起来像一个真正的赢家。只是关于覆盆子的问题:他们不是在赛季我会用冷冻的。为什么您建议他们先解冻?我希望他们会很肉麻......通常我把冰冻的浆果,在有些面粉扔事先所以他们不下沉。只是好奇,这个你的想法,也许我失去了一些东西。


      1. Thanks Sally. Made this last night with frozen, unthawed raspberries and it came out amazing. So decadent and moist.


    1. 嗨安娜,我不确定这个配方的营养信息的,但也有像这样的许多伟大的在线计算器:https://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-calculator.asp

  3. 嗨莎莉,

    1. Hi Zandra, replacing the leavener and flour with self-rising flour would require some recipe testing. I’ve never used it in this recipe. Let me know what you try!

  4. 你好-Thanks为伟大的咖啡蛋糕食谱。起初,我想过尝试烤它在一个bundt蛋糕盘,并把底部的糖粉奶油细末,但反对决定。我用冷冻樱桃到位覆盆子BC这就是我了。我有一些冷冻桃片在这里,我会尝试下。我有一种感觉,这可能是我的食谱烤一遍又一遍。但在此之前,我再次烘烤,面包食谱是我的名单上接下来。很高兴我发现你的网站!

  5. 我最喜欢的食谱!我做了一次,现在我几乎每周都会制作。命中与我的家人呢!

  6. 任何机会可以替代覆盆子果酱代替新鲜/冷冻浆果 - 想呆在家里不出门到店里来。

  7. Hello sally,
    I am just becoming in love with all of your recipies,thanks for sharing everything in a very understandable way,i wonder to know that is it possible to use walnuts instead of almonds?I don’t have any now and I can’t go out for it..

  8. 配方的另一颗宝石。非常感谢分享萨利。喜爱挞覆盆子,黑巧克力和松脆杏仁的组合!它不可能停在只有一个片我一定会再次使此一个。

  9. 嗨莎莉,

    感谢您分享几招。我用冷冻覆盆子,这是伟大的。我还使用了糖的三分之一 - 为那些谁正在考虑削减它,它变成了绝对美丽和美味。
    And indeed – perfect with coffee

  10. My husband is allergic to almonds and all nuts. Can I leave it out? Or add something else to the streusel? (Sad… it sounds so good!)

      1. 这是梦幻般的!杏仁本来是美好的,但我不觉得蛋糕错过了的事。这是完美的春天。浆果和黑巧克力的组合是惊人的,蛋糕部分是完美的质地和味道。该糖粉奶油细末使得它甚至更好。我们都爱上了它!

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